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Stepping into our showroom is the beginning of a journey. A journey that will lead you to your perfect dream kitchen, staircase or other interior project. Along the way we hope you will become a friend as well as a client and part of a select group of people.

In our showroom you will see the quality materials, design concepts and craftsmanship of which we are capable. You can explore the construction, touch the materials and enjoy the hospitality and expertise for which we are rightly renowned. We are welcoming you into our home and our world and hope to open your eyes to possibilities never before considered.


In order for us to understand your needs and individual preferences, the next step requires us to sit down with you and take time to explore every single aspect of your project. More often than not this will take place in your home and the designer who undertakes the consultation will become your mentor and guide throughout the rest of the journey.

As this is your time you decide when a consultation is most convenient including evenings and weekends. Through questions and discussion your designer absorbs the details that will provide a unique solution to your needs. Being in your home enables the designer to gain an insight into your tastes and lifestyle that will help shape the design.

Samples can be viewed in the home environment and practical details such as timescales and project management matters can be discussed at your convenience.


Few people can visualise a finished project from ordinary plans. At Peter Thompson of York we have a team dedicated to producing images of your project that convey the arrangement, construction and materials involved.

By now you will be introduced to the individual who will project manage the construction and installation of your scheme. In addition we can show you specific details in our showroom to explain a particular concept and if this is insufficient we have the ability to produce mock-ups and templates using actual materials and finishes.

It is important to understand that we have no standard solutions – every one of our projects is unique – designed, constructed and installed to you individual requirements.

Material sourcing

Visualisation can only take you so far. The next step is to see and feel the materials being used in the construction of your project. For kitchen worktops you may be considering quartzite and by seeing the subtlety of colour variation and pattern in the slabs you can fully appreciate the beauty and suitability of this material.

The same is true for timber: the variety and figuring available is astonishing. Your designer and project manager will guide and advise at this stage, explaining how your choices will affect the look and feel of your scheme.

The raw materials that go into the construction are hugely important in determining the quality of the final project.


Peter Thompson of York is in total control of the manufacture of your project. Nothing is standard or off-the-shelf and we have a workshop dedicated to the manufacture of bespoke products. As well as state-of-the-art machinery we have craftsmen skilled in the use of traditional hand tools. We also have a finishing shop capable of producing bespoke paint finishes, staining and varnishing to an incomparable standard.

We have built up this expertise over many years to enable us to respond to the subtlest and most detailed requirements of our clients. Rarely (if ever) do we produce exactly the same thing twice.

You will only be able to recognise another Peter Thompson of York project by the quality.

Workshop visit

You are welcome at any stage of design or manufacture to visit our workshop and see the progress of your project for yourself. Your project manager will arrange the visit and escort you on your tour, explaining what is happening and which stage of the process has been reached. There may well be an opportunity to discuss details with the individuals working on your project – but it is unlikely they will give away too many of their trade secrets.

Project management

This is where military precision and attention to detail come to the fore. Your project manager will have been in regular consultation with you in the run-up to the installation on site. Every detail will have been discussed so you can have total peace of mind and can leave things entirely in our control.

You will know what is happening and when and can have confidence that we will treat your home with the respect and care it deserves. Should alternative arrangements need to be made to allow you to function within your home whilst any aspect of the scheme is installed your project manager will organise these.

Should you find yourself with any questions, your project manager is available to answer these at any time – evenings and weekends included.

In case you were wondering, all installation work is undertaken by our own craftsmen, some of whom may well have been involved in the manufacturing process. Everyone understands and operates the Peter Thompson of York code of client accountability. All aspects of your home will be returned to the condition in which they were found.


We mark the completion of your project with a formal handover. We will at the same time provide you with all the necessary information and details of products installed including warranties, serial numbers, operating instructions etc.

We hold all such details ourselves and should you have an urgent need for a replacement part or service at any time following handover just call us and we can make the necessary arrangements.

This is your opportunity to provide the designer and contracts manager with any feedback you think may be helpful in the future. We are keen to discuss any and all aspects of your experience of the journey. The feedback you provide helps us to continually improve our standards.


Once your project is completed we hope you will enjoy many years of service and pleasure from our work. We also hope that your experience will give you the confidence to recommend Peter Thompson of York to others and return to us for any further projects. You know that we will listen carefully and treat you with as much respect and thoughtfulness as the first time we met. The benefit will be that we will already know a great deal about you, your standards and the fact that you appreciate quality craftsmanship.


Once a Peter Thompson of York client, always a Peter Thompson of York client. Following completion of your scheme if there is anything – and we mean anything – that you feel needs attention, just get in touch. In most cases minor items can be attended with minimum fuss. Should anything more complex be required you can be assured it will be handled with the same expertise and organisation as your original installation. Indeed it is likely you will deal with exactly the same personnel as before. Our business stands or falls by our ability to satisfy your requirements. Nothing gives us greater pleasure or satisfaction than a client who returns for another journey.

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